Volunteering at Valley Regional

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Nichole Cassidy

Volunteer Coordinator
(603) 542-3493



Volunteers provide high-quality, compassionate customer services to patients, visitors, and community members who come to Valley Regional Healthcare (VRH). Volunteers provide assistance in key areas throughout VRH; their valuable help is greatly appreciated by hospital departments and staff.

Current VRH Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Clinical Positions: Provide clinical support for the requesting department. Restock shelves, run errands as needed to Laboratory, Pharmacy, Mailroom, Central Supply. Transport patients in wheelchairs from Urgent Care to Laboratory or X-ray.

Volunteer Administrative Positions: Provide administrative and reception support for the requesting department. Perform filing as requested, assist with mailings, make copies, scan, answer phone; other opportunities include making appointment reminder phone calls and instituting closing procedures for lobbies.

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