SPORTS AND CAMP PHYSICALS – call 603-542-6700

Valley Regional Hospital is offering student-athletes sports and camp physicals for $30.00. This evaluation includes an extensive look at the athlete’s and camper’s medical history and present physical condition. We also conduct several tests to determine if the athlete and camper can safely participate in their sport and camp activities.

Schedule sports and camp physicals by contacting Valley Primary Care 603-542-6700.

Please note that sports & camp physicals are designed specifically for sports & camp participation. They are intended as a supplement to, rather than a substitute for, ongoing health care by a family physician or other specialist. Sports & camp physicals are not designed to treat or evaluate chronic medical conditions.

If your child is under a physician’s care for any chronic medical condition, they must receive clearance for sports and camp participation by that physician. Also, there are some health conditions which cannot be detected by routine physical.

If you have any concerns about your child’s health, you should discuss them with your family physician or other specialist.

We look forward to providing this important service to our local athletes and campers.

*Sports, camp, and school physicals offered by Valley Regional Hospital do not include additional ancillary services test or immunizations that may be required.